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Microsoft 365

Building trust through great IT

Are you protected against an attack? Do you have the necessary provisions in place to avoid major data loss?

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Would any of your staff actually click that link?

There’s a cyber-crime called phishing. It’s a major pain. Criminals send emails pretending to be someone they’re not, hoping one of your people will click …

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When something’s wrong, you want a responsive IT helpdesk

With our clients we work on all aspects of their technology, especially making sure they have a suitable technology strategy. We’re also there for them …

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What you need to know about email hijacking

Sadly, one of the most common modern-day threats to businesses is being hijacked. So often, an innocent-looking email can turn out to be something not …

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10 Apps you didn’t know you had in Microsoft 365

Supercharge productivity, save you and your teams time, while improving customer experience – sound too good to be true? Microsoft 365 is like a treasure …

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Businesses of every size need to be ultra-vigilant online in a pandemic world!

With the percentage of employees working from home over the past year after COVID-19 forced businesses to close, more employees have been online more often …

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