Backup and Disaster Recovery

What does your back up and disaster recovery plan look like?

Do you have confidence in your
Backup and DR process?

If your key servers or storage devices go down the impact on your business can be severe, critical business operations may be shut down; you need to be able to recover your systems, applications, and data quickly and completely.

​Our comprehensive backup and disaster recovery solutions ensure that you can restore operations to their previous level as quickly as possible. We work with you to understand the backup and disaster recovery requirements of your business. Then, using our vast experience and expertise in disaster recovery and by using solutions from several major and trusted disaster recovery providers we identify and build the right processes and capabilities for you.


Backup is the process whereby copies of data files are kept both onsite and offsite in order to have the latest versions available if disaster strikes. Backup can be required for your everyday files, emails, servers, databases, Cloud based services and even end user PCs. Data is typically backed up and retained daily, weekly, monthly and annually; enabling you to recover data from a given time. We will work with you to evaluate the backup provision that you need; it may be to a private space in a data centre, to another site or provided by the Cloud. 


These are the processes and capabilities that we put in place to ensure that in the event of a disaster we can quickly get your system up and running, in its entirety; onsite, at another site, or from the Cloud.

You’ll be up and running, whilst we resolve and restore your system for you; maximising business continuity and minimising the impact on your productivity.

• Do you feel vulnerable to security breaches? • Is your company prepared for disasters? • What would the impact be on your business if your IT system went down and how long could you operate without it?

What does your back up and
disaster recovery plan look like?

Backup and DR

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