Are you struggling with Microsoft Excel!

With the recent news that an IT mistake using Microsoft Excel has been the cause of nearly 16,000 unreported cases of COVID-19 it is apparent to everyone that getting the right advice is crucial when choosing how to setup your IT solutions effectively.

Microsoft Office 365 is the go to platform for the huge majority of businesses of all sizes. As a Microsoft partner Imtex are in pole position to offer you excellent advice and support on migrating to Microsoft Office 365. We can help you understand the many useful applications such as Microsoft Teams that are part of the platform and integrate them effectively within your business to benefit you.

Mobility and improved communications are key aspects of Office 365 and the cloud based packages on offer to you. In these uncertain times we all need to be prepared to work from anywhere at the drop of a hat and the services and expertise we offer combined with the right solutions can help your company adapt to these times without any impact.

Phone systems are also a huge issue for many businesses at the moment. Just diverting to a mobile isn’t always enough and even that can be a tiresome task to get put in place. Our cloud phone solutions give you the full feature set of an onsite solution with the added bonus of total mobility using desktop and mobile apps. You can even just unplug your deskphone, take it home and plug it into your home internet and it will function as it does in the office!

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